Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fineman fakery

In his latest Newsweek column Howard Fineman's focus is on John Kerry's character as reflected by his remark about Dick Cheney's daughter.

The Faker doesn't do a column but once or twice a week. So, surely The Faker's focus is on what he thinks is truly important.

Never mind attempting an in depth examination of the President's lie about never having said he was "unconcerned about Osama bin Laden." In The Faker's view, the President's lie couldn't be more important to voters and the welfare and security of the nation than Kerry's remark that Mary Cheney should be respected for being who she is.

The Faker is keen to print Lynne Cheney's opinion that John Kerry "is not a good man."

Of course, just a few weeks back senate hopeful Alan Keyes had answered the question "Is Mary Cheney a selfish hedonist?" with the reply "Of course she is. That goes by definition." About Keyes' comment, the Cheney family had sat on their hands. But The Faker can't be bothered to point out the different perspectives of Kerry and Keyes nor the hypocrisy of Lynne Cheney's expression of motherly concern about Kerry's remark and silence about Keyes'.

Doing that would have meant that The Faker would have had to expend real journalistic effort. Remember: The Faker's goal is to trick us about what the real issues are while expending as as little effort as possible.

The real question for The Faker is whether he chose to be a Faker or was born a Faker.